Simple Tips to Overcome Your Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

It’s difficult to restrain from using drugs; but there are things you can do to avoid drug/alcohol abuse. If you’re trying to stop using drugs, you can’t rely on your willpower only to achieve sobriety. In fact, only a very few people can break the cycle of addiction on their own. If you’re in the process of recovery or seeking assistance for the first time, you must understand that substance dependence is a condition, not a weakness of willpower or morale failing or lack in ability  to say ‘NO’. The first step to overcome addiction is to know that you’ve a problem and if you want to overcome it over the long term, you need help. For most addicts, this initial step to admitting that they’re addicted is the greatest step in their recovery process.

Addiction can’t be cured like many other diseases, but it can be effectively managed and controlled. Getting professional help that approaches addiction to be a disease is the key way to a fruitful recovery. Here are some recommendations and tips from experienced professionals with updated advances in medicines as well as therapy; you can have the best opportunity at recovery, and have a happy and bright future.

• Effectively deal with life/peer pressure – The biggest reason in teens to start taking drugs is that their friends or peers utilize peer pressure. And nobody wants to be left out; so most teens and some adults too start doing things that they normally won’t do, just to fit with the surroundings. While teens face peer pressure and start using drugs, adults usually do it to get a good break from their overwhelmed life. Unfortunately, drugs can only worsen the situation leaving you more stressed. So find ways to handle life’s stress and unwind. Find a group or friends that won’t force you doing harmful things or putting you into tempting situations. Do exercise, have mentally healthy friends, read good books, watch good movies, have healthy diet, volunteer with those who need your help and engage yourself in some sorts of creative programs. Anything relaxing and positive would help to take your mind off taking drugs to relieve anxiety and stress.

• Make recovery a priority – Put yourself first and be in touch with professionals who know you and can help you with comprehensive treatment program and good advice throughout the recovery process. Mental illness and drug abuse go hand-in-hand. Your mental illness can turn you to drugs as the easiest way to ease the pain. So if you’re suffering from any mental sickness like depression, post-traumatic stress or anxiety disorder, get professional help to manage your illness and this way trained professionals can help you stay out of substance abuse.

• Know the risk factors – If you already know about the environmental, biological and physical risk factors you carry, you’re very likely to overcome them. Having a history of drug addiction in your family or living in a community that glorifies substance abuse can be considered as risk factors. So, talk to your mentor about such factors – knowing your background will help him/her to create a recovery plan accordingly.

• Communicate – Substance abuse can make you isolated. So communicate – talk to your family or friends about the challenges you’re facing. Though not so easy, a strong support system you create can give you good boost. Remember, your friends and family will be there whenever you’ll need them and this way they would help you stay focused and motivated.

• Change the surroundings – One of the greatest ways to make your recovery process a healthy one is to avoid bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people, experiences and things. Go for cultural activities and events in your locality as they can stimulate your mind and body in an exciting, unique and healthy way.

• Bring change to your friend circle – There might be some friends who might have been enabling your addiction rather than helping you control it. If your friends jeopardize the recovery, it’s always recommended that you find a good circle of friends. Right mates would help you maintain a healthy and fast recovery.

• Improve your lifestyle – Spend about 30 to 60 minutes for walking or at gym a day for at least 3 to 5 days a week – this will do simply wonder for you. Regular exercises not only boost your bodily strength but also enhance your mental health. Along with doing regular exercise, eating healthy and balanced food also ensures a speedy and successful recovery. Whether you get help from a dietician or do it on your own, making improvements in your diet will help you stay fit physically and mentally.  Healthy diet definitely maintains your health but that doesn’t restrict you to pamper your taste buds with your favorite dishes, at least twice in a month. Eating your favorite dishes will make you happy and happiness is something that we all want at the end of the day.

• Do something good – You can join a church based group or other social support network as they can add to your recovery efforts by providing help, wisdom and wonderful values. Donate some of your time for good causes – spend time with ones who really need your help. And that would give you an amazing sense of pride, fulfillment and accomplishment. Enjoy your work – be productive at whatever you do.

Whatever you do, don’t give up and don’t give in to your addiction. Have faith in yourself, rely on your good friends, family and support tools and keep going even in the face of difficult days and overcome negative temptations.

How to save money on your Thanksgiving Day dinner?

Thanksgiving Day dinner

Thanksgiving celebrations are one of America’s oldest traditions and are much awaited throughout the country every year. However, being one of America’s favourite holidays also has its downside. Thanksgiving dinner can be very heavy on your pocket. Turkeys’ pies, casseroles, beverages, all of these much looked forward to items on your menu can wring up quite a large grocery bill!

Hosting a Thanksgiving Day dinner could be a tradition in your family, or maybe you just simply love to cook for your loved ones. This time, prepare yourself and make sure you don’t go a penny beyond your budget with these great tips to save money on your Thanksgiving Day dinner!
1. Start with an accurate head count :
Thanksgiving Day dinners can often spiral out of control, with enormous amounts of leftover food, and quite a large amount of excess expenditure. This Thanksgiving, get an accurate head count of how many people are going to attend your dinner. This way you can make a Plan of Action, deciding beforehand on your budget, your menu, your decorations, and your shopping list.

2. Host a Potluck party :
If you are planning on hosting a fairly large Thanksgiving Day dinner party, you will soon find out the burden that you have taken up on your shoulders. This will include decorating your house, buying your groceries, preparing an entire meal by yourself, and being a delightful host to your party.
Ask some of your friends to help out by bringing a few dishes of their own. Ask for general dishes, not anything specific, like appetizers, snacks, entrée, cocktails, etc. This will help ease the burden of cooking as well as help you maintain your budget.

3. Creating a menu :
If you are feeling rather embarrassed to ask your friends to bring something to your party, skip that idea and work on creating your own menu which you plan on cooking during Thanksgiving Day dinner. Instead of trying to please each and every guest by cooking special items for everyone, or going fancy and ending up making three different types of appetizers, two desserts, etc. just pick one! This way, you can stick to your budget, as well as cook a delicious meal without having too much leftover food or wastage.

4. Shopping with deals! :
Many large grocery stores offer great deals, discounts and coupons during Thanksgiving on their turkeys. Look out for the best offers or weekly coupons which will let you enjoy an amazing discount on your turkey. You might even come across free turkey promotions by certain stores. These stores will offer you a free promotional turkey if you spend over a certain amount on their shop. These stores usually start announcing these deals a few days before Thanksgiving. So instead of waiting till the last moment to do your shopping (where you might end up spending on more expensive items due to lack of availability), start shopping about 10 days before Thanksgiving Day. Just stock up your items in your pantry and your fridge for your big dinner day.

5. Decorations :
While your turkey might be the spotlight of the show on your Thanksgiving Day dinner, don’t skip out on your decorations. Instead of investing in expensive decorations from stores, try and make some of your own simple decorations. Use the autumn leaves, pine cones and some DIY craft ideas from the internet to decorate your house this Thanksgivings Day.

6. Fun activities :
Instead of taking your dinner party out for an expensive Thanksgiving Day movie, why not host some indoor games this year? Pull out your old board games and have a fun filled night of Charades, Dominoes, Monopoly and Heads Up! These activities will help your entire party bond better and will work up enough of an appetite to scuff down on your delicious Thanksgiving Day dinner!

7. Re-use your leftovers :
Don’t just throw away whatever gets inevitably left over during your dinner. Use the leftovers for making delicious turkey sandwiches, make stir dry out of remaining vegetables, and just get creative! Trim down on your wastage and save your costs.

Your Thanksgiving Day dinner does not have to be a super fancy and expensive one. By simply following these easy tips, you can enjoy up not only staying within your budget, but also save yourself from a lot of unnecessary expenditure on your next Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Where you see yourself at your workplace after 3 years?

Where you see yourself at your workplace after 3 years?

Interviewers never expect candidates to exactly describe what they would be doing in coming 3 years. Rather, an honest answer may sabotage the candidate’s odds of getting the job offer. Then why do the interviewers ask this question?

They ask the question to know more about a candidate’s career goals and accordingly decide the position that would be the best for that particular candidate. Interviewers care for the career goals of a candidate as they always want to recruit someone motivated, proactive and hard working. They want to hire someone who’s very likely to stick around to the job.

When an interviewer asks you that where you find yourself at your workplace after 3 years, there are some underlying questions like,
• What are your goals in long-term?
• Which actually you want to do?
• How will you define success?
• What’s the most important part of your career?

How you’ll manage the Googly 
There’s no such rocket science – you can answer such questions fairly well. Just be careful with your attitude. Here are some tips on answering such questions effectively, wisely and smartly.

• Let it be general
If you don’t have a clear idea of how your career is going to be like with this company, keep your answer general. Being specific is good as general answers are a bit clichéd and easily forgettable – but this is a real EXCEPTION. Be truthful but broad enough so it leaves no room for raising doubts about whether you’d be a good fit for any particular position at that company.

• Be focused on your long-term career goals
This is even more applicable if your experiences mostly include short job tenures. The interviewers want to be sure about your duration with that company. They want to know if you want settle and grow with their company. But the truth is everything is possible – you can be laid off, you could get a better opportunity or the company may go out of business.

However, you must keep in mind while answering this question that the company is going to invest good chunk of time, money and energy to hire and train you for the job. So you should show a truthful intention to stay with the company for longer to be a wise and effective investment. Be even more careful about your answer, especially if you’ve ‘job hopping’ cases on the resume; try enough to make the case that you’re now prepared to play a long-term role.

• Show enthusiasm
You must do this to make them believe you. Let them understand that this is a real exciting step for you to start with this company. And top of all, make it clear that you’re motivated and ready to grab the opportunity right now.

Some examples…
Here are some good example responses for you.

1. “My immediate ambition is to get a position in an organization where I can nurture my talent in coming years and become fit to undertake new and difficult issues over time. Eventually, I prefer to see myself assuming management responsibilities and getting involved in important product strategy. But top of all, I want to be a part of a company where I can build my dream career”.
This is something that the management really likes as this answer entails insight into your goals and interests of holding a position of a manager or being involve in important product strategy like a pro. So this is not that generic and expresses a strong wish for a long-term career with the organization. 

2. “I’m determined and motivated to the best at whatever I do. I work with an organization where I’ll get opportunities to improve my expertise, take on remarkable projects and work with individuals I can learn from. Some of the most eligible and innovating minds of the industry work in this firm and that’s one of the greatest reasons why I strongly wish to build a superb career here.”
With this answer, you’re putting stress on your focus on giving better performance, learning and getting achievements. Besides, you’re also complimenting the organization as well as its reputation for appointing superior quality people while ‘wish to build a superb career here’ shows your interest to stick around with the company and contribute to the fullest. 

Though there’s no specific answers to how you’ll see yourself in next 3 years, discussed are something that would help you answer the questions broadly but effectively.

Give a barrier to your cellphone usage for a better health

 Give a barrier to your cellphone usage for a better health

Cell phone communications with the base stations are done through radiofrequency (RF) radiation. If the frequency is high, it might have ‘thermal effect’ resulting in increased body temperature. But there are concerns with low levels of RF radiations that the cell phones emit; it can cause health issues such as headaches and even brain tumours. Though there is no such conclusive evidence that cell phones cause damage to the health in short or long term, WHO marked RF radiation to be ‘possibly carcinogenic for humans’. And this WHO statement prompted people to adopt precautionary approaches to cell phone use.

Here are some ways to inhibit exposure to mobile phone radiation.
• Keep the phone away from your body, as much as possible
Remember, distance can be your friend when it comes to talking over a cell phone. While talking on a mobile phone, keep it away from your body – as far as feasible. Instead of holding to phone to your ear, use speaker-phone or wired headset or a Bluetooth. The radiation significantly gets reduced as you hold the phone at a reasonable distance. Even a 2 inch distance can lower it by 25% while three feet distance does the same by 50 times.

• Avoid using the cell while the signal is weak
When the signal is weak or you’re moving at a high speed like in a car, bus or train, or in elevators, avoid using your mobile phone. During such situations, the amount of radiation reaches its maximum automatically as the phone repeatedly tries to connect to the nearest network radar.

• Children should be allowed to use mobile phone only during emergency
The skull of children is thinner than that of the adults; the process of their brain development is still under process. And so the radiation from mobile phone can easily penetrate their brains more deeply and cause more damages.

• Prefer to text than calling
When it comes to mobile phone radiation, the key issue is the proximity of the phone to body organs, especially the brain. So texting or messaging would be more acceptable than calling in order to minimizing the harmful effects of radiation around your brain. Hold your phone out, away from the body, while you press ‘send’ button and don’t rest the phone against the abdomen when you text.

• Try to lower talk time
To restrict the duration of exposure and proximity of the phone to your body, talk less over cell phone.

• Protect fertility
RF radiation has been evident to damage both sperm count and quality of sperm. It also causes damage to ovaries. Many people move their phone away from the head to lessen their exposure to brain, but they often down to the torso forgetting that a mobile phone to abdomen can cause higher exposure of radiation to their reproductive organs.

• Read the manual carefully
To find the recommended distance that your mobile phone should be kept away from the body, you must read the manual minutely. Keeping the phone closer than the pre-determined distance may result in violation of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Exposure Limit. And crossing FCC
levels may cause sterility, burns and even brain damage.

• Turn the cell phone off at night
You become the most vulnerable to radiation and environmental toxins when you sleep. This is because your body remains in the full parasympathetic mode when you sleep. And when you’re in parasympathetic mode, your body’s defences are down while the biological repair processes get maximized. The most common practice is to use the phone as an alarm clock and keep it on bedside table. And, this places the phone in the closest proximity to the head where RF can do the maximum damage. Airplane mode disconnects your phone from Wi-Fi but it still emits harmful magnetic fields from battery. So the best way is to turn the phone off at night.

Implement these measures in your day-to-day life to reduce exposure to mobile phone radiation.

Success tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

Success tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

Getting success often means learning from those who’ve already met the goals of their life. Having a true mentor is like a blessing to any aspiring entrepreneur though not everyone is that lucky.

Never mind, even if you’re not fortunate enough to have a mentor to share his experience and help you with every aspect of your business. Here are some incredible and perfectly amazing tips that you can surely follow to get started.
• Do your job with care – This is undoubted that operating a business takes your prime time. The only way to be satisfied and be successful simultaneously in your life is to do a job that you’re really passionate about or you believe in.

• Take the challenge – The biggest motivation toward being successful as an entrepreneur is to keep challenging yourself. Treat your life and your business as lengthy university education where you’ll learn every moment.

• Don’t be afraid of taking risks – Life in unpredictable. We never know how our effort will result in. but even then we shouldn’t restrain from taking risk just because of the fear of being a failure before we actually fail.

• Have trust in yourself –Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re always right. Have faith in yourself; you’ll find new ways to overcome obstacles and you’ll definitely succeed.

• Set a vision – An entrepreneur is somebody who has a clear vision of what he’s trying to do and desire to accomplish that. So have a clear vision, always.

• Face and overcome fears – Overcoming your fears isn’t easy, but you can do it. Fearlessness is much like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

• Find savvy and good people – The quickest way to modify yourself is to be with people who are already the way you wish to be. Who you’re with determines who you’ll become.

• Take your time – Success doesn’t come overnight. You can’t get success immediately, but definitely. Everyone starts as a beginner. So give time in your company and related jobs.

• Take action – You might have plenty of ideas in your mind, but unless you can implement them properly, they’re of no use. Success comes only through appropriate action. Instead of talking big, start working. That’s the rule of thumb for your success.

• Manage energy instead of time – Your energy – both physical and mental – controls how you can manage your jobs within time. So manage your energy wisely and smartly.

• Build a strong team – You can’t expect to succeed alone and if you want to do that you might lose a great team. So build your own good and strong team that could help you with getting success over time.

• Recruit character – In order to build a great team, you should hire values and character – not manpower only. You can train someone on skills, but making someone’s values fit for your business is hardly possible.

• Plan to raise capital – Raising capital has always been difficult. It takes time. So plan properly for that.

• Understand your target – Setting a goal in your mind ensures you’re seriously working to meet that. So set goal and remind yourself about it, every day.

• Take lessons from your mistakes – Mistakes have always been the best teacher for an entrepreneur. If you take lessons from the mistakes you’ve done, you’ll move closer to getting success even though you fail initially.

• Know your customers and their demands – Knowing your customers is one of the key ways toward getting success. Unless you know their needs and demands, you can’t serve them better than your competitors. Knowing your customers help you deliver the perfect solution they require.

• Take complaints seriously – Unhappy customers are the greatest source of learning. Let them teach you to identify the loopholes in your service.

• Get customers’ feedback – Assuming what your customers need won’t lead you to success. So
ask them directly and carefully listen to what they’ve to say about your service.

• Spend judiciously – While spending money on your company and its operations, be wise and careful. It’s quite possible that you spend on foolish things and eventually run out of capital.

• Know the niche – You must not go with something that you don’t know; don’t understand even if you see many people making money with that. Truly knowing your niche industry and its supply and demand graph would help you to get success.

Though not all, discussed are some of the most important tips for the aspiring entrepreneurs toward getting success.

How to prevent your online account from the hackers

How to prevent your online account from the hackers

Do you use the same passwords for all your online accounts? Are you overactive on Facebook? If so, you’re a lucrative target for the cyber criminals. Enabled by this sharing culture on social networking sites and with sophisticated malicious software namely malware at their disposal, the cyber hackers have become more powerful at crafting attacks and so targeting businesses and individuals.

Phishing emails claiming to be from friends, or trusted organizations such as your bank often reflecting your interests encourage you to click on infected attachments or links containing malware. And if you click on those links you’re actually allowing such man-in-the-middle attacks to install harmful software like Trojans on your computer, laptop or mobile. And when you do any online transaction, you’ll be going through this man in the middle. Their attacks are mainly passwords used for authentication and the hackers are likely to wait until you finish to start using your credentials they would have gathered. And so banks have started generating on time passwords (OTP). But the recent and more sophisticated attacking software try to get the user’s session and fake your logout request. Once you think you’ve logged out, the criminal make payments using the existing session without letting you see any changes to the account balance until you log on next time. They can also use the same procedure to commit other forms of online crimes like posting or sharing unwanted, porn, or violent content on your as well as your friends’ wall.

To keep yourself from becoming a victim of cyber crimes, you can use the following tips and ensure utmost online security.
1. Don’t click on any suspicious links or open any fishy attachment – This is the rule of thumb. The key way that the cyber criminals use to infect a laptop or PC with malware is by alluring you to open an attachment or click on a link. Often such phishing emails contain some poor grammar as well as spelling mistakes that you can easily identify. But such targeted attacks are typically indistinguishable. And the widespread of social media has helped them even more to profile people and allowing them to be susceptible. So restrain yourself from clicking any link or open any attachment that you didn’t expect to get.

2. Don’t use the same passwords for all accounts - You might have 100 online accounts and are likely to use the same one or two passwords for all those accounts. At the same time, it’s human nature to use pet’s names, loved one’s names, date of birth or something like that as passwords. Words that can be found in dictionary are easy to crack. So instead of using such words or numbers as passwords, you should use the first letters of the words of a phrase or a song – for example, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ becomes ‘twtia’ or a hard-to-crack combination of alphabet (both upper case and lower case), numbers and special characters.

3. Don’t use the main email password anywhere else – A hacker who can crack your main email password would have free access to your virtual world. Passwords from other websites you visit can be easily resent through the main email account, as he can trawl through your mails and simply have the key to your treasure trove of personal information – from passport to banking details along with your date of birth and all of them enable ID fraud.

4. Block anybody seems to be suspicious – Say ‘NO’ to any social media (like LinkedIn or Facebook) invitations that seem to be suspicious. It’s actually the cyber equivalent of inviting the crooked guy who stares you at the bus stop every day.

5. Use reliable anti-virus software – There are millions of strains of malware and that makes anti-virus software manufacturers being engaged in a continuous game of ‘whack-a-mole’. But it takes the software manufacturers some time to catch up with the cyber criminals. Different studies have shown a good detention rate of malware though such software is not the only and entire answer. However, they are dependable to some extent.

6. Shop only through secure websites - Before using your credit card details, you must ensure that the unbroken key symbol or locked padlock is showing in the browser. In addition to that, make sure you change the retailer’s URL from ‘http’ to ‘https’ to ensure that your connection has become a secure one. Be careful about the websites that change back to ‘http’ after you logged in.

Keeping your online identity from being theft is the most important part of going online. Following the tips would help you protect your identity on the web to some extent though not entirely. So be wary whenever you use the web, irrespective of the purpose.

Top Tips to Throw a Perfect Bachelor Party without Going Broke

Top Tips to Throw a Perfect Bachelor Party without Going Broke

Are you going to get married soon? Need to come up with some cheap bachelor party ideas. Well, have no worry; there are so many bachelor party ideas that fit for any budget.

When it comes to a bachelor party, the first thing comes to mind are strippers, alcohol, Vegas – cliché, indeed. Though there’s nothing wrong with debauchery of a wild and adventurous night out, there’s huge difference between it’s-all-done-before and tried-and-true. Here are some out-of-the-box plans to let yourself loose one last time before tying the knot officially. Here are the party ideas out there to suit every type of guy, irrespective of budget.

• Camping – The biggest advantage of camping in the great outdoors is the cost – even if it’s a group of ten people, the cost of renting the camping spot along with food would cost you affordably. The spot can be chosen according to the would-be groom’s favorite sports or activities. For example, you can choose a venue by a lake if the groom likes fishing while a mountainous terrain could be the best option if the groom is an avid hiker. National parks like Grand Canyon or Yellowstone offers some amazing and relaxing lodges in the nearby locations for those who like to come back to the comfort of home after a hectic session of untamed adventure.

• Golf retreat – You can think about booking a first class golf retreat before getting into the swing of married life. Most golf courses offer whatever you may need to throw a grand party with as many as 16 players in a group while other courses include food and beverages to their golfing package or on-site restaurant. If you want to party until the sun sets, you can get the game on with night golfing and pegs included. This could be a great destination retreat so pick a resort that offers hotel accommodations to take time perfecting the swing.

• Arrange a poker night – If it’s a bachelor party, the name first comes to mind is Vegas. But it’s expensive and a tired idea. So why don’t you bring the same spark, glimmer, vibrancy of Sin City to your favorite bar? All you require are cards, poker chips, appetizers/snacks, and you’re almost ready to go. Nearly every standard casino features a good bar – so make sure your chosen bar keep the drinks flowing. To keep it going great, hire a bartender to create that authentic Vegas-like experience. You can also set the stage by drumming up some yummy appetizers, snacks and drinks yourself.

• Paintball – This is something that can bring out the little-you and duke it out over that old-fashioned paintball flight. Packages usually are charged a bit high, but if you can split it between guys, your pocket won’t be hurt badly. You can bring the drinks of your choice though it depends on where you select to get the game on. Some spots offer special packages that include food and drinks.

• Rent a cabin or a beach house – Rent a man cave of your choice and feel free to break out a couple of drinks and cause a little anarchy – after all, you’re on the way to a life full of rules and regulations..lolz. Renting your own man cave can be for just a night party or span the entire weekend. Just get a bit stir-crazy, take a trip down to nearby watering hole. Just remember, you’re here just to escape from the strain and stress of forthcoming wedding.

• Karaoke Night – Nothing can rival the potential but fun-filled embarrassment factor of a karaoke performance. Enjoy a fiendishly fun time – get the groom perfectly ready with spirits, take him out to a local karaoke night – videos and that simply didn’t happen!

• Backyard bachelor barbecue – If you have a patio or a backyard and a barbeque grill, none can stop you from arranging a backyard barbecue and becoming an active host of the bachelor party. Have every member of the party to contribute something small like drinks or side dish and grill a fantastic assortment of meat, veggies and much more.

• Sports game – There’s literally nothing like going to a game with all the guys. Irrespective of the choice of sports, just go all out and get the best seats so that you can have a keen view while enjoying your beer and food. Alternatively, why don’t you go for something actually free to do in the outdoors? You can seriously head to the local park for a baseball game. Bring your gear and of course, a cooler of beer. Once you’re finished with the game, move toward local pub or start partying at the best man’s pad.

Even if your groomsmen are on strict budget, you can still throw a killer party for your friends.