Say ‘Goodbye’ to work stress

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'Goodbye' work stress

Life is more of deadlines, less of lifelines. From the frustrating screams of the morning alarm to the awkward message beeps at 
midnight, life has become more of hardships and less of ease. Like the millions of rats, we keep running for twenty four hours a day. Needless to say, this leads to frustration, depression and nerve-wracking. In this era of endless competition and struggle, stress is inevitable. Frankly, we cannot escape that.
To manage your work related stress, here are a few simple yet effective hacks that you can follow:

Pay attention to yourself:
Not just to the job list, you have to pay attention to yourself too. We often tend to neglect ourselves in order to finish the jobs. We often skip lunch, sleep less, take no rest and lead ourselves into serious health and mental problems. And that is when the stress makes a grand entry in your life. To avoid this situation, you need to engage yourself in relaxing activities, such as yoga, reading novels, watching good movies or going for a family trip to spend some quality time.

Take a break:
While working we often experience mind blocks or black outs. That usually happens because of over-stress. And that is definitely not a good sign of health. Like the way you press ‘Control + R’ to refresh your machine, you need to refresh your internal system too. So whenever you experience mind blocks, just take a short break for fifteen minutes. Take a nap or take a stroll, but make sure you keep yourself isolated from the rest of the world for a while. And then, get back to work with all new ideas. Try that. It works.

Try to solve the problems:
We often fail to figure out the reason behind our stress. Is that particular project that makes you sleepless or the unprofessional behavior of a particular colleague? Is that the concern about the long pending promotion or something you are not being to share with anyone? Find out, what is that one thing that’s causing over-stress and hyper-tension. If necessary, take help from someone you trust.

Prioritize your jobs:
Even if you have a long to-do-list to follow, don’t panic. Take one job at a time, concentrate and finish it off. And then take the next job in hand. By this way, you can avoid goof ups and silly mistakes.

Maintain a diary:
Make a habit of maintaining a diary at your workplace. We surely don’t doubt your capability to memorizing things, but the habit of maintaining diary would help you get more organised.

Ask, don’t just guess:
You may be an expert of reading minds and face, but try not to practice that at your workplace. In case you have any doubt about the job you are assigned for, go and ask the concerned person. Guessing would not be helping much here. Be sure and then start the job.

And last but not the least; try to fall in love with your job. Studies say that love solves many problems. So love what you do, and bring the spontaneity in your daily job. You may find the way to be happy at your workplace. As long as you take your job as a burden, you will suffer. The moment you start loving it, the game is yours. After all, ‘Mondays’ are not as bad as you think. 

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